Welcome to the beautiful
Lake Wörth

Lake Wörth is Carinthia’s largest lake and at the same time due to its climatic situation one of the warmest alpine lake in Europa – up to 28 degrees Celsius.

It is approximately 19,40 km² and extends 16,5 km in east-western direction.

Er ist ca. 19,40 km² groß und erstreckt sich in Ost-West-Richtung über 16,5 km. It is situated in a depressed area surrounded by forests and a hilly landscape namely the Basin of Klagenfurt, which was largely formed by massive glaciers during the ice age. The large lake stretches from the Velden bay to Klagenfurt – Carinthia’s capital city. Due to the mild climate the places surrounding Lake Wörth are especially popular with active travellers.

Culture at
Lake Wörth

The region full of culture in the south of Austria has a lot to offer in various fields, like the theatre, cabaret, and music: there are a four-section theatre, independent theatre groups, almost 100 cultural associations, choirs and numerous art galleries situated close to Lake Wörth. Klagenfurt is also the native town of the writers Robert Musil and Ingeborg Bachmann. Especially the the main theatre in Klagenfurt, “Klagenfurter Stadttheater“, regularly offers a variety of interesting plays with theatrical work on the highest level. 

“Universum” at Lake Wörth

A documentary called “Universum” shows Lake Wörth beyond clichés, as a multifaceted natural habitat. Environment & nature – two expressions that are more important than ever in this day and age. We must therefore use our resources carefully, respect and treasure nature and nevertheless seek a compromise with the societal and economic needs of our times.  Numerous natural meadows and forests are the foundation of this compromise. 

Lakes Saisser See and Forstsee

The lake Saisser See is situated 593 metres above sea level close to Velden. It is only approximately 10 minutes walk away from Hotel Neff. The watercolour is slightly brownish due to the dark marshland which is surrounding the lake. The shores of the lake Saisser See are to a large extent in their natural state. In the north and in the south of the lake one can find pine and spruce forests close to the shores. The western bank, however, is mostly boggy.

The popular lake Forstsee
The idyllically situated lake Forstsee is not full of buildings. Thus it makes everyone’s bathing experience highly enjoyable.

From April 8 to October 26, 2018

The services of the “Wörthersee Plus Card”:

– 50 % discount on the Lake Wörth boat ride
– 50 % discount on Velden boat ride – Santa Lucia
– 50 % discount on the Gerlitzen Kanzelbahn
– 20 % discount on the Pyramidenkogel
– 20 % discount on the Velden boat ride – MS Speed Line
– 20 % discount on the Gerlitzen Pistenflitzer
– 1 free entry to a lido from a three nights stay on
– Discount on Rosegg
– Free participation in regional programs (hiking, yoga, local guides, walks with an explanation of herbs, fit & fun progam, etc.)
– Discount on Springer day trip to Venice
– Various discounts on sport and leisure activities
– Gastronomic advantages

There is an extensive brochure, which every guest receives by arrival.

Excursion Tips

Excursion destinations in Carinthia. Over a hundred destinations, such as Hochosterwitz Castle, Minimundus or the dripstone cave – Carinthia has a lot to offer for the whole family. For more information click: Kärnten Card.

Events at Lake Wörth

Biking and Skating Day Lake Wörth car-free 29.04.2018
The streets around Lake Wörth are car-free from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. By bike or inline skates one can fully enjoy the amazing atmosphere around the lake.

Culinary Festival at Lake Wörth
27.04. – 06.05.2018
19 of the best hotels and restaurants around the lake present themselves at the „See-Ess-Spiele  Genussfestivals“ and an incomparable program with culinary highlights. Thus the area around Lake Wörth offers one further Event Highlight in 2018 for the guests!

37th Meeting at Lake Wörth – GTI Meeting in Reifnitz
09. – 12.05.2018

The meeting at Lake Wörth in 2018 starts once again on Wednesday the 9th of May 2018 – with plenty of action, various exhibitors and of course a lot of cars.

Lake Wörth Classics Festival
06. – 09.06.2018

If you are a lover of classical music do not miss out on a highlight at Konzerthaus Klagenfurt. It takes place from the 6th of June to the 9th of June 2018. The philosophy of the “Wörthersee Classic Festival” is exceptional: Five world-famous composers, Johannes Brahms, Alban Berg, Gustav Mahler, Anton von Webern and Hugo Wolf  used to live and worked at Lake Wörth during their lifetime.

Namaste at the Lake – Yoga Festival at Lake Wörth 15. – 17.06.2018
with over 30 workshops or let’s say a high class international line-up of unique locations!
On top of that local yoga instructors will show the participants the most unique powerful places, such as the picturesque “flower island” in Pörtschach, the Pyramidenkogel, as well as the Yoga path to practice and meditate.
Furthermore, there side events are offered, such as a DJ night and a live concert next to the lake.

Sports Car Festival in Velden
18. – 24.06.2018

Lake Wörth offers the perfect setting for the WORLD’S ONLY SPORTS CAR WEEK and the BIGGEST SPORTS CAR MEETING in Europe. The large number of sports cars, namely more than 300, with over 100.000 HP,  fit the “lifestyle hotspot” of Lake Wörth perfectly.

Ironman Austria Triathlon 01.07.2018
Europe’s largest triathlon event at Lake Wörth: over 3.000 athletes from all over the world take part in the triathlon called “IRONMAN” in Klagenfurt, Austria.

July – August 2018
Street performers in Velden! Experience the promenade at the lake – free from traffic and noise – simply Velden! We improve your summer!

Fete Blanche & The White Nights 06.07.2018
THE highlight of the summer at Lake Wörth!

World Body Painting Festival in Klagenfurt
12. – 14.07.2018

ORF Star Night at Lake Wörth
20. – 21.07.2018
Summer, sun, Carinthia and Lake Wörth.
This wonderful mix will make the star night perfect.

“Carinthia Runs” & Lake Wörth Half Marathon 24. – 26.08.2018
The fitness event at Lake Wörth.

10th Pink Lake Festival 23. – 26.08.2017
The PINK LAKE Festival  (an event for the international Gay Community (GLBT)) will already take place for the 10th time at the end of August.

International Brahms Competition
01. – 09.09.2018

European Bike Week – Harley Festival
04. – 09.09.2018

Velden’s Autumn Festival 15. – 16.09.2018
At the autumn festival in Velden winemakers and breweries from Austria, Italy and Slovene serve their products.

Humour Festival Velden 20. – 23.09.2018
Dear people with a sense of humour,
Enter our “humour-delicatessen”!
For the 7th time we invite you to spend four sensual festival days at Lake Wörth.
The Casineum will be transformed into a Varieté-Theatre during that time.

20. – 22.09.2018

The “Trail Maniak” is one of the most beautiful tails in Europe! Breathtaking viewpoints over Austria’s most popular swimming lake, varied terrains, demanding passages – there is definitely something for everyone.


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